Amanda Heidel

Amanda Heidel is an MFA Sculpture candidate at SUNY New Paltz graduating in May 2019. Her graduate research is focused on the mushroom as a model for collaboration. She is the founder of Mushroom Shed, a 10 year durational project located on Huguenot Street in New Paltz, NY. Her fungal entangled preparations study biological materials, recycling processes, and life cycles to enable forms of cooperation with the mushroom.  

Mushroom Foot Balm emerged from her mycelial research for Mushroom Shed. She has been cultivating reishi mushrooms from slices of foraged fungi and expanding them by inoculating the mycelium into spent beer grains and coffee grounds from local businesses. As the mushrooms grow, she works energetically with the reishi mushroom and her feet as a way to ground herself and develop a stronger relationship with the Earth.


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