Hope Ginsburg / A Pencil Sharpener for Sol LeWitt

Hope Ginsburg / A Pencil Sharpener for Sol LeWitt


Hand-felted wool pencil sharpener

Dimensions: 4” x 3”

Created for Regine Basha’s curatorial project, “An Exchange with
Sol LeWitt,” this sculptural offering was inspired by an elaborate
pencil-sharpening station that I witnessed during the installation
of the Sol LeWitt retrospective at Mass MoCA. 

Each of Hope Ginsburg’s long-term projects builds community around learning. Her work is by turns collaborative, cooperative, and participatory. These artworks are made with peers, students, scientists, members of the public, and experts with knowledge from outside of the field. Rooted in first-hand experience, Ginsburg’s projects are invested in the socially transformative potential of knowledge exchange. 

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