Rebecca Purcell / Oliver #11

Rebecca Purcell / Oliver #11


Part of Purcell’s OW9 series, a dimensional rendering of Organon 9 World

Mixed found materials

Dimensions: 19” x 19” x approx. 4” High

Date: 2019

Purcell is an inveterate explorer of interior territory and the aesthetic realm. Through object arrangement and making, she gives visual shape to her diverse investigations by creating pieces that bring to mind information existing in a variety of forms. Using a wide range of found material, often combined with used books, Purcell arranges miscellanea into curious tableaux evoking suggestive scenes: a minute landscape of loosely related detritus symbolically strewn; a peculiar panorama of narrative disruption; or a display of talismanic remnants from some furtive, esoteric ritual.

Purcell has spent over a quarter of a century creating a complex matrix of interrelated subjects and objects, an ongoing research and retrieval project she calls Organon 9 Worlds. This matrix serves as a foundation for her work. Every arrangement and installations Purcell creates is a reflection of one of the 9 worlds, informing the materials, color and kinds of objects chosen

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