A Guide to the Field

2 Post Hill Road
Mountaindale, NY 12763
Email: field@aguidetothefield.com
Instagram: @aguidetothefield

Winter hours by chance and by appointment.

Field Stewards

J. Morgan Puett
Abby Lutz
Miranda Wagner

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Unlike a typical ‘field guide,’ where one searches for identification and definition of the natural world, A Guide to the Field creates a field by naming it. It offers alternatives to what needs guiding, interpretation, and consumption, and questions what a future field looks like.

The designed environment is a mediation between (art) objects and the world. Like a gallery, A Guide to the Field is a retail space, (re)presenting artists swarming around contemporary topics: a collaborative installation project space occupied by world-renowned creative thinkers and makers.

Groups of creative individuals are redefining retail practices for the 21st-century from this brick and mortar space. Visitors to the project gallery will encounter installations — designed environments of future world-making and path-finding — featuring object residues of social practice artists, contemporary craft collaborations, furniture, handmade garments, textile collections, publications, artist editions, and events.

Creatives swarm around visual dialogs dancing with the past, present, and future, engaging transhistoricity: working collectively around topics that confront our habits, creating new ways to rethink the way we live in the world, applying systems aesthetics to forecast life in the 21st-century.