Rebecca Purcell Organon 9 Worlds – Card deck

Rebecca Purcell Organon 9 Worlds – Card deck


The Organon 9 Worlds Card Deck

Rebecca Purcell has spent the last twenty-seven years working on an elaborate matrix she calls Organon 9 Worlds. O9W references a wide spectrum of western aesthetics, views on eastern philosophy from the seventies, Jungian and alchemical research and a sampling of feminist studies – all filtered into nine categories represented by symbolic numbers. Combining Purcell’s two lifelong interests in aesthetics and the evolution of consciousness O9W is an ongoing art project and an integral part of what Purcell refers to as personal world making.

Drawing material from the O9W matrix, Purcell has designed a card deck that is focused on the creative process and uses aesthetic attraction to determine what cards are chosen. The cards offer insight, expand, define or confirm the current phase in ones’ creative process or project.

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