Barbara De Vries

Barbara De Vries was born in Amsterdam and studied fashion design in London. After ten years, she moved to New York where she was hired by Calvin Klein to create the CK collections. Eventually she went freelance with collections in her name in Japan and the USA. In 2006, Barbara spotted worrisome amounts of plastic on the beaches of Eleuthera. She became passionate about ocean plastic pollution and started Away is Here with the mission to use design and outreach to reveal the environmental crime of disposability. She has three daughters and works from her studio in Milford, PA, where she designs clothing as well as other lifestyle objects, and writes, designs and produces illustrated books on architecture and lifestyle with her husband Alastair Gordon.

Part of the Away is Here project, which sets out to raise awareness of plastic pollution of the oceans through education and re-designing beach plastic. An initiative by Barbara De Vries that has been featured in a TEDx talk, the Sundance movie One Beach, and in Vogue as well as numerous exhibitions, installations and special collaborations with The Nature Conservancy, Tarpum Bay Cultural Center (Eleuthera), ReJIG (Islay), Art Basel Miami, Barneys NY, and more.