Caroline Wallner

In 1998, artist Caroline Wallner opened Tivoli Tile Works in a storefront in the Hudson Valley town of Tivoli, New York, where she lived for a few years before moving to the west coast of Ireland with her husband and daughters. Now back in the Hudson Valley, Tivoli Tile Works is based in Bearsville, NY, in a rustic studio in the woods. 

Caroline finds endless inspiration here for her pottery, which is as beautiful as it is functional, as artistic as it is prosaic. “Nature is where I find endless possibilities for my work, in form and color,” she says. “The Hudson Valley is a perfect tableau of natural beauty and creative spirit. With such distinct and vibrant seasons, I am continually inspired.” 

Trained in both painting and sculpture at the University of Georgia and the Pennsylvania Academy of Fine Arts, Caroline Wallner’s artistic eye informs every piece she creates. “I love the way porcelain captures the light,” she says. “It’s alluring—like the quality of a Vermeer painting—rich, luscious, and timely. The refracted light from the porcelain is luminous, uplifting, meditative.”


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