photo by Daniel Schwartz

photo by Daniel Schwartz

PRESS / Fathom / December 3rd, 2018

Mountain Dale Is the Weirdly Awesome Up-and-Coming Catskill Town You Need on Your Radar

For artist J. Morgan Puett and designer Abby Lutz, a gallery is not just a gallery, at least where theirs is concerned. A Guide to the Field: Storefront Practices in the Social Realm is a gallery doubling as a retail space that showcases conceptual products that comment on a shared theme. The inaugural exhibition, Encampment,reimagines the domestic goods people will need to rest, cook, clean, and play in the 21st century: a set of recycled soaps, a deck of numerically inspired tarot cards, a wooden coracle (for navigating our ever-more aquatic world), a wardrobe of handmade garments, and, on the more abstract end of the spectrum, a scuba suit fashioned by artist Hope Ginsberg, who leads marine meditations in full diving gear. The collection, which is displayed in a space that mimics an apartment (even the works in the bathroom are for sale), was co-curated by Puett and Lutz and a roster of contemporary artists, who either contributed pre-existing pieces or created new ones to fit the topic.

Nathaniel Brooks for The New York Times

Nathaniel Brooks for The New York Times

Press / New york times / November 3rd, 2018

Can You Curate a Town?

Up the street at A Guide to the Field, a hybrid boutique-gallery, J. Morgan Puett, an owner, explained her vision. It was, she said, meant to create critical engagement with “forms of dwelling, systems of labor, design apparatuses” so that shoppers don’t simply feel “desire, desire, desire” when they enter.Items included a line of $1,400 “swampy-fairy-dresses,” soaps made from recycled doughnut-frying oil ($85 to $195) and a felt scuba suit ($3,500), which Ms. Puett conceded was more “psychological” than commercial. Back at Bà & Me, Mr. Resnick said, “I don’t understand Morgan’s store, to be honest.” Mr. Vegliante said, “You know what I love? The fact that I don’t understand it.”


SATURDAY, December 15th, 2018 / 12-6pm

The Cowboy Cooker Sausage Party

For the December 15 festivities around Mountaindale, A Guide to the Field features Brooke Grant’s Cowboy Cooker, and other metal wares for gifting. We will be grilling sausage tastings with warm tidings from the Field. Celebrate High Voltage Cafe’s grand opening with free mulled wine and cookie. Celebrate the regrowth of Mountaindale with a Tree Planting and Pickle Holiday Tree Decorating Event. Get your Hygge off to a good start this winter with a chance to win a pair of handspun angora cuffs! Get drunk on eggnog and while you test your luck and enter to win a gift giveaway at Witchey Handmade. Pet a pig: meet the cute and cuddly ambassadors of Majestic Farm. Hang out with “Butch the Bad Santa” and his reindeer at The Porch. Come view Charlie’s fantastic Christmas village at Cinder Tracks.


Saturday, October 20, 2018 / 1PM-4PM

Rebecca Purcell and the Organon 9 Worlds Card Deck

Rebecca Purcell has spent the last twenty-seven years working on an elaborate matrix she calls Organon 9 Worlds. O9W references a wide spectrum of western aesthetics, views on eastern philosophy from the seventies, Jungian and alchemical research and a sampling of feminist studies – all filtered into nine categories represented by symbolic numbers. Combining Purcell’s two lifelong interests in aesthetics and the evolution of consciousness O9W is an ongoing art project and an integral part of what Purcell refers to as personal world making.

Drawing material from the O9W matrix, Purcell has designed a card deck that is focused on the creative process and uses aesthetic attraction to determine what cards are chosen. The cards offer insight, expand, define or confirm the current phase in ones’ creative process or project.


SATURDAY, October 6th, 2018

Encampment, A Guide to the Field’s Inaugural Topic 

A Guide to the Field: Storefront Practices in the Social Realm, a new project gallery by J. Morgan Puett and Abby Lutz, exhibits and sells socially and politically sensitive artworks, textiles, sculpture, clothing, furniture – fine art in the everyday – set in topic-driven installations (Swarmings) by artists working in the social sphere. 

Encampment, A Guide to the Field’s inaugural installation, offers visual and functional conversations around living in an ever-migratory society. Visitors experience a storefront apartment environment, where artist's works are responses to one's daily activities of clothing, cooking, cleaning, making, playing, resting, and thinking/being.

With David Brooks / Jorge Colombo / Barbara de Vries / Mark Dion / Hope Ginsburg / Leila Gordon / Gary Graham / Brooke Grant / Jeffrey Jenkins / Alex A. Jones / Cameron Klavsen / Abby Lutz / Kristyna & Marek Milde / J. Morgan Puett / Rebecca Purcell / Gina Siepel / Shelley Spector / Allison Smith / Caroline Wallner / Allison Ward / Natalie Wilkin / Caroline Woolard / Amy Yoes //

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